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July 2, 2003
Released Downtown Memphis Blues Screensaver 1.1
Released Historic St. Augustine Screensaver 1.1
Added 3 New Travel Tips


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The Difference

  At, our business is in photographing great scenery and providing you with high-quality Windows(tm)-based screensavers. That's why we don't make you go through the hassles that ‘other' sites make you go through before downloading screensavers.
We don't make you join any ‘networks' where you get blasted with tons and tons of advertisements. We do have an e-mail list that you can sign up to get announcements of when we create new screensavers, but it's purely optional.
We don't make you fill out huge sign-up forms before you can download our 7-day trials. We want you to check out our products and consider purchasing the full versions, so we have no need to make you upset filling out your birth date, zip code, age, or what have you.
We don't release ‘free' screensavers that install a bunch of spyware on your computer. We'd rather make money selling quality products than peddle freeware junk that hijacks your web surfing towards commission-based shopping malls.
What we do provide are high-quality screensavers that you can try before you buy. These screensavers have lots of transition effects, plenty of customization options (if you don't like a certain photo, you can turn it off!) and accompanying music. They include easy-to-use installers (and uninstallers, though we hope you don't want to use them). The screensavers may be bigger than others you've seen online; that's because we put in large 1024x768 photos for those with larger monitors, which many of you have nowadays.
Even if you're thinking ‘who pays for a screensaver nowadays?' give a try and check out some of our demos. We believe that in this day and age of Internet freebie hoarding, a few bucks can still go a long way in getting quality products for you and your family to enjoy.

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